Eloquence in Cultural Competence


All our Leadership programmes are based on The CLIMB Leadership Model, designed as a practical tool for developing leadership presence, knowhow, skill and mind-set.

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All our Cultural Competence programmes are based on The HUMAN model, a tool to help people understand their competence in working virtually and cross culturally and benchmarks current attitudes, thinking, understanding and motivation within the organisation’s culture.

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Remote Management


Using our unique model HUMAN, this programme is designed to equip managers to build a powerful methodology to drive success remotely.Maintaining team collaboration, identity, trust and control are essential dynamics for any business, and the challenges are magnified through working ‘remotely’.

Benefits for the Delegate

• Gain practical strategies for building trust and aligning team goals

• Learn how to develop communication practices

• Grow high-performing international and virtual teams

• Remove barriers and communicate effectively across geographies and cultures

• Benefit from reduced reworking and frustration

Benefits for the Organisation

• Efficiency in delivery and supplier management

• Efficiency in staff management

• Clearer understanding and delivery of vision

• Synergy across the business

• Global mindset in staff

Who should attend

• Those managing international and virtual teams

• Those in international management or project-management roles

• Those who need to manage staff across countries and cultures

• Those looking to break through the status quo and work towards excellence and new benchmarks

Wellbeing for Managers


Management support is crucial to the success of any workplace wellness programme. This course is designed to equip managers with the skills to grow emotional and mental wellbeing of their staff, maintaining energy and resilience. Individuals will be able to identify the signs of stress, be aware of common mental health conditions and feel confident to have a wellbeing conversation.

Benefits for the Delegate

• Understand why wellbeing is important and your role as a manager

• Manage wellbeing across your team and promote a healthy culture where everyone thrives

• Identify signs of stress and red flags to be aware of in yourself and others

• Gain awareness of common mental health conditions

• Gain experiential and practical skills to have a confident wellbeing conversation

 • Be knowledgeable about resources and support available for staff

Benefits for the Organisation

• Demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to employees wellbeing

• Grow emotional and mental wellbeing of employees

• Maximise energy, resilience and capacity of individuals to sustain high performance and increase productivity

Who should attend

• Managers and leaders at all levels

Creating Positive Team Dynamics

Effective business and team relationships are built on high levels of trust and mutual understanding. By looking at the cause of conflict and where people’s motivational factors can create barriers to successful outcomes, managers will be able to explore methods to build trust with colleagues and develop strategies to deal with conflict before it escalates.

Benefits for the Delegate

• Understand why people are motivated to do the things they do

• Identify what motivates you and others

• See how you may be perceived by others with differing motivations

• Identify the key causes of conflict

• Explore methods to build trust and respect with colleagues

• Develop strategies to deal with conflict before it escalates

• Tackle difficult situations and conversations using a recommended framework

Benefits for the Organisation

• Increased levels of trust and mutual understanding between colleagues, stakeholders or customers

• More openness leads to higher performing teams  through greater collaboration

Who should attend

• Leadership and management who want to identify resolution strategies

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