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The CLIMB leadership methodology enables people to exhibit global eloquence. The programme is designed with practical tools for developing leadership presence, knowhow, skill and mind-set.



It encapsulates what leaders have to do, not only to bring leadership to their group or organisation, but also to develop themselves technically, psychologically and even physically as leaders

Working in collaboration with clients we have seen real success in utilising the  CLIMB™. The model combines the strengths of older behavioural, situational and functional leadership theories while addressing their limitations. It offers a foundation for leaders wanting to apply the more modern philosophies of authentic leadership and bring those concepts to their people.

CLIMB™ encourages self-determining teams and leadership at all levels. On a global stage, teams and leaders must have the tools to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours required to deliver success in complex environments. Through our coaching, training and consulting we are aware that many organisations and leaders aspire to achieve these objectives as part of their overall aims.

CLIMB™ offers practical tools and shows how to engage and drive winning commitment from multiple stakeholders.

Many of our clients have reported significant value in adopting the CLIMB™ model as part of their leadership strategy and below are some of the insights that they shared. Our work is confidential, so names and organisations have been removed. Those seeking references should make direct contact so that this can be arranged.



CLIMB™ consisting of the 5 essential components to achieving performance intelligence in all that we do:  Commitment, Leadership, Intensity, Motivation and Belief



COMMITMENT – our client’s comments


Definition of Commitment:

“The state of being dedicated to a cause” (Oxford Dictionary)


“On the CLIMB™ we explored the importance of engendering COMMITMENT in order to embed new thinking and behaviours with a clear mindset of “Whatever it takes to get it done”. Our leaders were pushed hard to commit to solution-focused thinking and how they encourage others to adopt this mindset.

We were reminded of Jim Collins words throughout the process:

“The kind of commitment I find among the best performers across virtually every field is a single-minded passion for what they do, an unwavering desire for excellence in the way they think and the way they work”. (Jim Collins)

We believe that strong leaders will lead by example and be open to refining their approach to challenges, growing their knowledge and developing their performance and skills. The CLIMB™ encourages leaders to seek and act on feedback and to focus, not only on their current positions but also their future and the future of their teams with a refreshed COMMITMENT”

LEADERSHIP – our client’s comments


Definition of Leadership:

“Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal” (Kevin Kruse)


“LEADERSHIP is not just about being responsible and accountable, it is about constantly driving results in everything you think, say and do. It is about mutual respect and understanding the knowledge and behaviours of the team. The CLIMB™ really helped us define what leadership means to us, we were looking to achieve the Forbes 2018 definition; “Anyone in a management or supervisory role is a leader, but not everyone in these positions exhibits true leadership”

On the CLIMB™, we began to understand better that the difference between a good leader and a great and successful one is the way in which they interact with their team and how they lead the results. Leadership works when there is a balance between being in control and allowing the team to grow, develop and build on its strengths.  Throughout the CLIMB™ we explored the essential attributes of a strong leader and became more forward-thinking, better communicators, and now lead by example in riding the change curve.”

INTENSITY – our client’s comments


Definition of Intensity:

“Great energy, strength, concentration” (Optimising effort) (


“We were keen to develop Leaders with professional INTENSITY and that had the energy for a mindset of constant and never-ending improvement.

As Confucius said, it is about “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” The CLIMB™ provides the key!

Leaders now have confidence, creativity and optimism; a positive “can do” attitude which leads to habitual solution thinking and resolutions supported by achievable goals and objectives. CLIMB™ promotes the elimination of limiting beliefs and the drive to constantly improve, be challenged intellectually, motivate and be motivated.

The programme has stirred our leaders towards providing their staff with a strong Wellbeing strategy to support the physical energy, mental capacity and the resilience to always strive for better”.

MOTIVATION – our client’s comments


Definition of Motivation:

“A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way” (Sense of purpose, competence, autonomy)- Oxford Dictionary


“We believe that MOTIVATION is an essential Leadership quality that requires passion and action to become an unstoppable force.

“Knowing how to motivate your workforce will help ensure they are enthusiastically bringing their best efforts each day and helping the Company meet its sales and performance goals” (Forbes 2017)

CLIMB™ methodology showed us how a motivational leader values their workforce and encourages them to be successful as an integral part of the business. Our leaders now better understand the strengths and values of their teams and how to instill a mindset of resilience, problem-solving and verbal, vocal and visual anchoring for success. People are more motivated generally as they are more engaged and involved and understand how their own roles impact on the business-wide goals. This has led to increased productivity, understanding and solution-focused thinking at all levels.”

BELIEF – our client’s comments

Definition of Belief:

“Trust, faith or confidence in someone/something” – Oxford Dictionary


“Above all else, an effective leader will have a strong sense of BELIEF; a conviction in heart, body and mind that people have control over their own personal destiny and their desired outcomes. They will believe that a solution is always possible rather than focusing on a problem or difficulty.

This is well put by Sri Chinmoy “An unaspiring person believes according to what he achieves. An aspiring person achieves according to what he believes”

In turn, such behaviour in a leader will instill trust, confidence and belief in the whole team.

CLIMB™ was a huge support in developing strong and effective leaders that have a clear plan for development that they and others can believe in. The business has thrived as the leadership is authoritative and credible whilst supportive and motivational through demonstrating strong beliefs in what is possible. This has motivated the workforce to strive to achieve the common goal and believe in our future objectives.”


THE METHODOLOGY – A consultant’s comments

The CLIMB™ Leadership model develops a Performance Intelligence Mindset through embedding learning, values and behaviours. We must CLIMB™ deliberately and consciously to advance and become the best versions of ourselves and encourage others.

Positive outcomes of CLIMB™ methodology that have real value include the development of a common understanding of approaches and language across the business, improved capabilities, clearer progression potential and demonstrated leadership support. This in turn results in higher workforce morale, increased sales and noticeable successes within the teams.

In our view, all businesses can develop in these key components. We encourage you to join us at an initial Base Camp to explore your full potential.

Join us on the ascent!


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